Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jose at Work

I got a job photographing the folks at my day job, selling furniture. Today I shot the warehouse crew and wanted to do something unique. Jose, the warehouse manager, is the master of all he surveys. I wanted to show how he manages so much inventory in two warehouses. I love racks stacked 30 feet to the ceiling filled with furniture. So we posed Jose in between the racks. While he was posing, he was taking calls on his cell phone, so I decided to leave it in the photo.

I lit the scene with three speedlights, a la the Strobist. I recently purchsed two Lumipro LP160s. I used them along with my Canon 580 EX II. For this shot, I used my Canon 5D MK II set at 5.6, ISO 100 and shutter at 1/125. The 580 EX II was on the camera with a Coco Flash ring flash adaptor as a fill. One LP160 is on the camera left for the primary light with a shoot through umbrella. I used the handy slave setting. One more LP160 is behind the subject shooting up to light the racks. The feet of the stand were edited out in photoshop.

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