Monday, September 17, 2012

Fashion Show Flash Mob

Joanna, Sam, Tiana and Gaby trek up Valencia street toward Ritual Coffee.

I've never flash mobbed. I had been to a fashion show or two. So when Raven texted me saying “Are we on for tomorrow?”, I was a bit perplexed. She explained that the designer Ilanio, who designs avant-garde fashion, was throwing a fashion show at three locations in flash-mob style. I was intrigued. Ilanio had designed playa-wear for Burning Man and this swimwear show promised to be bright and colorful.  I was also interested in how the people would react. I got in place at the second location, Ritual Coffee in San Francisco on Valencia street. This is the hippest fourth generation coffee shop in the hippest area of San Francisco.
Raven Le Faye parades through Ritual Coffee
The hip-hop dancers lead the ladies out.

I heard a commotion and saw the hip-hop dancers leading six colorfully clad models up the street. Heads were definitely turning, but usually with bemused smiles rather than disgust. There was Raven, fifth in the line looking amazing in a gelatinous magenta swimsuit with the biggest zipper I have ever seen. I might point out that Raven’s hair is also magenta. That is not a wig.
Gaby, Raven and Jamila leave Ritual and head up the street. 

The crowd in Ritual, barely flinched. One guy kept reading his phone and hardly looked up. But as the girls paraded through the store, turned around and left, there was a big applause. The only time anyone seemed annoyed was when traffic was blocked as the models crossed the street.
The only irritation was when traffic was blocked.

The next location was the wide-open Dolores Park a few blocks away. It was packed on this sunny Sunday. As the models trekked though the crowd, everyone got out their smart phones and snapped away. A few people danced to the music being played by Joel Zavella on his hand cart loaded with speakers. At one point the ladies stopped and preened in front of the San Francisco sky-line. Then the returned to the vans that had brought them, posed with some new fans, loaded up and took off.
The footwear was as bright as the swimwear.

Ilanio with his creatures and his creations.

Only in San Francisco could six lovely models, dressed so brightly and bizarrely be so easily accepted by the crowd. I love it here.
Raven shows off the largest zipper I have seen.


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