Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maggie Runner

We travelled to Long Branch Farms near Half Moon Bay. This shot used three lights. My make up person, Christina Del Ben, had a friend, Maggie Runner, who decided to pose as a 50s bombshell for the shot. Maggie has a great wardrobe, and this yellow number was perfect for the location, an old airstream-style trailer being used as a mini-golf clubhouse. The lighting worked out great, but the background through the trailer door and the window did not. I tried to blow it out, which I did. But I ended up replacing it with a background from nearby Pescadero that I had shot a month or two earlier. I am very happy with the result. This shot ended up with 30 or so layers.

The shot used a grid on the 600B next to the camera on her face. Octobox on 7B strobe camera right. And a snoot on the other 7B strobe to light behind the models head on the left.

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