Friday, May 7, 2010

Smokie - People with Scars

Smokie was the subject of another of my “People with Scars” series portraits. I met Smokie walking down the street in San Francisco. He was sitting on the sidewalk panhandling while his prosthetic leg was prominently displayed. I walked past him the first time and then, doubled back to ask him to pose. I explained my project. He said he had lost his limb to an infection that was the result of intravenous drug injection. Later he told one of the people assisting me on the shoot he had lost it is a car accident. $20 and a blanket bought at Ross convinced him to pose. He showed up as agreed two days later at the studio. He was very cooperative and took off the limb. He waited patiently while I changed the lighting. He asked that I not use his real name on the internet.

I shot this using a Profoto 1200. Beauty dish from the right. Strobe from behind and left. Fill light from the left front.

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